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Black 454 Kryptonite Dripper

Product Code: BLAHZGCW86
$87.99 $55.99

Black 454 Kryptonite Dripper

This is the new Black 454 Kryptonite Dripper that has AFC (airflow control), a removable top cap, and a solid positive post design with 4 negative posts for a vertical build. The Black 454 Kryptonite Dripper is made in the USA and is machined very well and has superior quality. If you are looking for an affordable, well built, authentic USA made atty, then the 454 Black Atomizer is a great pick up.

Black 454 Atomizer Dripper From Kryptonite Specs

The Black 454 Atomizer from Kryptonite is a unique, USA made dripepr that uses 4 screws on the wall of the atty to allow you to build with a ring plate. This allows easy access to build your atty. The center positive post has 4 holes to allow you to build a nice quad coil setup. The the adjustable airflow control on the Black 454 Atomizer, you can really blow some great clouds. The Black 454 Atty also comes with a drip tip that has an innovative spit back reducer so you do not get hot eliquid shooting while vaping.

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