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Royal Hunter Atomizer Emerald Green

Product Code: ROYHT7W557
$50.00 $44.95

Emerald Green Royal Hunter RDA From Council Of Vapers

Emerald Green Royal Hunter RDA is the newest atty to hit the vape market. The Authentic Royal Hunter RDA Emerald Green  is an excellent atomizer with a dual positive post for easy building and your negative posts milled into the deck. The airflow on the Emerald Green Royal Hunter RDA is perfect with an adjustable airflow top cap. The wide bore drip tip on the Emerald Green  Royal Hunter RDA has spit back holes so you do not get hot e-liquid that pops up. The design, airflow, and machining on the Authentic Royal Hunter Atty is top notch, and you can blow some serious clouds with this excellent atomizer for the price. If you have been looking to buy Royal Hunter RDA, do not hesitate. The Emerald Green Royal Hunter atty is very hard to keep in stock, and sells out quickly.


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