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Cera Vape Hygeia Tank

$42.99 $25.99

The Hygeia Tank is the NEWEST REVOLUTIONARY tank systems made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. The most important is the Hygeia Tank uses ceramic coil which is made with ceramic wick instead of glass fiber wick. It's much healthier than all of the atomizers made with glass fiber wick or cotton wick on the market. Ceramic wick produces no glass fiber and microscopic chips when using it. It will bring you safer vaping. Melting point of Ceramic wick is higher than both glass fiber wick and cotton wick. It's easier to avoid producing burning taste. Hygeia, healthier, better taste, is responsible for your health. Just choose it.


1 Complete Hygeia Tank
1 Replacement Dual Ceramic Coil
1 eGo Decorative Ring
1 User Manual
1 Poster

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