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Product Information

Trustfire Multifunctional Charger - Black

Product Code: TRIAPW462

Trustfire Multifunctional Charger

Look no further for the ultimate e-cig mod battery charger.

This Product Features:

  • Two individual charging channels with dedicated LED status indicator for each channel. Now you can mix charge batteries of different capacity and charge levels.

  • Charges one or two batteries at a time.

  • 500mA charging current.18650,18500, 17670, 16340, 14500, 10440, 16430

  • Power cord included

You Will Receive:

1x - Trustfire Multifunctional Charger


BadaBing Vape Co.

The eGo friendly Lanyards are made to be stylish for your personal eGo type batteries. A savior for any one who seem to always have their pockets full.


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