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40 AMP 2300 mAh 18650 From Vamped

Product Code: 40 MA5FM11

40 AMP 2300 mAh 18650 Battery From Vamped

40 AMP 2300 mAh 18650 Battery is the newest and most powerful vape battery on the market right now from Vamped. If you are looking for the most powerful 18650 battery, then the Vamped 40 amp battery is a must have! The Vamped 18650 40 amp battery is 2300 mAh and packs a powerful punch pulse of 40 amps. A pulse rate is no longer than 60 seconds. The Vamped 40 amp battery has a maximum mAh of 2300 milliamps per hour.


40 Amp Battery operation instruction

9.1 Charging

Charging current:Cannot surpass the biggest charging current which in this specification book stipulated?

Charging voltage:Does not have to surpass the highest amount which in this specification book stipulated to decide the voltage?

Charge temperature:The battery must carry on the charge in the ambient temperature scope which this specification book stipulated?

Uses the constant electric current and the constant voltage way charge, the prohibition reverse charges. If the battery positive electrode and the cathode meet instead, can damage the battery?

9.2 Discharging current

The discharging current does not have to surpass this specification book stipulation the biggest discharging current, the oversized electric current electric discharge can cause the battery capacity play to reduce and to cause the battery heat.

9.3 discharge temperature

The battery discharge must carry on in the ambient temperature scope which this specification book stipulated

9.4 Over-discharges

After the short time excessively discharges charges immediately cannot affect the use, but the long time excessively discharges can cause the battery the performance, battery function losing. The battery long-term has not used, has the possibility to be able to be at because of its automatic flashover characteristic certain excessively discharges the condition, for prevented excessively discharges the occurrence, the battery should maintain the certain electric quantity?

The battery should store in the product specification book stipulation temperature range. If has surpasses above for six months the long time storage, suggested you should carry on additional charge to the battery?

Other The Chemical Reactions

Because batteries utilize a chemical reaction, battery performance will deteriorate over time even if stored for a long period of time without being used. In addition, if the various usage conditions such as charge, discharge, ambient temperature, etc. are not maintained within the specified ranges the life expectancy of the battery may be shortened or the device in which the battery is used may be damaged by electrolyte leakage. If the batteries cannot maintain a charge for long periods of time, even when they are charged correctly, this may indicate it is time to change the battery.


  Item Specifications
4.1 Typical Capacity 2300mAh         @ 0.2C Discharge
Minimum capacity 2300mAh        @ 0.2C Discharge
4.2 Nominal voltage 3.7V
4.3 Standard Charge CC/CV,0.2C5A, 4.20V
4.4 Standard Discharge CC,0.2C5A, 3.00V
4.5 End-of-charge   Voltage 4.20V±0.05V
4.6 End-of-charge Current 0.01 C5A (At CV mode)
4.7 End-of-discharge Voltage 3.00 V
4.8 Charging Time 8.0hours(standard charge)
4.9 Quick Charge Current 2000mA (1.0 C5 rate)1C charge
4.10 Normal Discharge Current 20A (10.0 C5 rate)10C Discharge
4.11 Max Discharge Current (Pulse) 40A (20.0 C5 rate)20C Discharge
4.12 Initial Impedance Max:18mO
4.13 Weight Approx:40.0±2g
4.14 Operating temperature Charging: 0?~45?Discharging:-20?~60?
4.15 Storage temperature -5?~35?
4.16 Storage Humidity =75% RH
4.17 Appearance Without scratch, distortion, contamination and leakage
4.18 Standard environmental condition Temperature)                 : 25±5?Humidity             : 45-75%RHAtmospheric Pressure)   : 86-106 KPA
4.19 Temperature Dependence of Discharge Capacity@ 0.2C Discharge
Charge temperature Discharge temperature
25? -10? 0? 15? 25? 40?
Relative Capacity 50% 80% 90% 100% 80%


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