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Ecig and cigarette facts - 03-26-2016

Smoking and e-cigarettes In 2014, about 3.7 percent of American adults used an e-cigarette every day or occasionally. --Of current smokers, 47.6 percent said they have tried e-cigarettes. --Among people who quit smoking within the past year, 55.4 percent said they had tried e-cigarettes. --Of those who quit smoking more than a year ago, 8.9 percent said they had tried e-cigarettes. --Among adults who have never smoked cigarettes, 3.2 percent said they have tried e-cigarettes. --Among people 18-24 who have never smoked, 9.7 percent said they have tried an e-cigarette. --For those 45 or older who have never smoked, up to 1 percent said they have tried an e-cigarette. Sources: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

GeekVape Griffin RTA - 03-14-16

The Griffin RTA by Geek Vape is the newest RTA out right now. This RTA features a BIG build deck with Velocity Style Posts. The post holes measure 2mm in diameter to fit large wires. Features: Huge Velocity Style Deck Top Filling Juice Flow Control Large Delrin Drip Tip and 510 Adaptor Adjustable Gold Plated 510 Pin Made of SS and Glass 3.5ml Capacty 2mm Post Holes

New Giveaway - 01-16-16

USPS raising rates - 1/17/2016

Sorry but due to the rate increase we will have to add a $2.65 charge for the first class shipping rate.



According to the report, the USPS will raise shipping rates for Priority Mail packages by an average of 9.8% while Priority Mail Express shipments will jump by an average of 14.4%. On the other hand, one-ounce First Class letters will still cost 49 cents.

“This is the first price increase in more than three years. Calculated over that three-year period, overall the price change averages out to 3.3% per year,” said USPS spokesman Roy Betts.

If you don’t regularly ship packages, this price increase won’t have much of an effect on your life, but those who do might have to reevaluate their annual budgets. After all, UPS Ground and FedEx rates increased by an average of 4.9% over the past few weeks, so no matter which service you choose, you’re going to be paying more.

Betts says that USPS Priority Mail shipments have increased substantially over the past few years, rising from 924 million in 2013 to over a billion in 2015. Priority Mail revenue has also ballooned to $7.7 billion, up from $7 billion in 2013.

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