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Product Code: SOU4ONUF92

100% Natural FogWick! Superb Organic Cotton Grown in the USA, Gnome Tested, Gnome Approved! Our Southern Blend Organic Bath is a 100% Natural Farm to Table Wick. Mechanical Processes Only! A Certified Organic Blend that Combines Excellent Capillary Action and Absorption, which has undergone a Labor Intensive Farmer Performed Proprietary "Organic Bath" Process to remove the Natural Oils, Waxes & Pectin from the cotton fibers. No Bleaching, No Chemicals, Just an Organic Washing Process that Enhances Flavor, Absorption and Wicking Levels, as well as Eliminating the "Break-In" Period. Everything about our product is American Made, right down to the labels and packaging. You get your choice of a 2 or 4 grams of Southern Blend Organic Bath in every reusable and recyclable FDA Compliant Clarified Polypropylene Container.

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